About Us

Coworking space in Koramangala

We at WORKHOME aim at creating a boutique co working space which is comfortable yet functional : a platform for creators, entrepreneurs and innovators to network & collaborate. With our first space centrally located in the heart of Koramangala, Bangalore among other co-working spaces, restaurants and fitness centres, it makes for an ideal office to work out of.

Love where you work!

Whether you are an established business or a growing startup, we offer a dynamic workspace which provides a comfortable, personal work environment. A creative, fully managed space which lets you focus on your business, team productivity & efficiency while we take care of the rest.

You could start your day with a yoga session in a fitness centre in the neighbourhood, head over to your office at Workhome, a quick lunch at one of the many restaurants around, back to work, coffee session with the team at the rooftop cafe, wrap up work, head over to the Nature’s Basket supermarket next door for some quick grocery shopping, head home and unwind. You could even squeeze in a 15min head massage at the salon. All this within the building / a distance of 100 meters and without rushing through traffic.

Attention to details!

With a team of in-house architects, we believe that our spaces are designed to make you and your team feel comfortable: ‘AT HOME’ and inspire you to work.

With a palette of wood, fabric and cement in muted tones, it creates an informal home-like minimalist environment with splashes of nordic colors - Retro Chic.

Workhome is housed in a well-maintained building along with a few national restaurant brands like Asia Kitchen by Mainland China, Copper Chimney, Om Made Cafe and a Salon - Bblunt.
This close association allows for benefits/ vouchers from these partner restaurants/ salons/ cafes for our members only.  Members get access to the terrace space & cafe which doubles up as an event space.


Our spaces are conducive to organic collaboration and conversations . An environment to ideate, share ideas and express your vision


Beautifully designed spaces with a concept of freedom and flexibility to inspire, collaborate and foster a sense of community


Allow for innovation by allowing different people with unique skills and talents to connect and collaborate

Fully furnished private office which is enclosed and lockable. Ideal for a team of 6 & upwards. This could also be combined with dedicated desks which gives flexibility of increasing team size.

Starting at 87200/month


Private office ideal for a team of 2-4 members. Fully furnished which is enclosed and lockable.

Starting at 47200/month


Specific workstations assigned with personal access to them with benefits of using meeting rooms, reprographics, lockers and kitchen.


Starting at 9900/month